Anaphylaxis, EpiPen Awareness Training Course Online For Schools, Teachers

We offer a CPD certified online Anaphylaxis training for schools & teachers course programme, as many children in education today suffer some form of allergic reaction. This can either be allergic reactions from food, or bee and wasp stings and understanding the signs and symptoms an Anaphylactic shock is vital.

Our online Anaphylaxis training for the schools & teaching environment holds level 2 certification and is easy to understand and complete. It will help you if you are working as a teacher, LSA within the school environment, to understand and recognise the signs and symptoms of someone suffering an allergic reaction.

This online Anaphylaxis awareness training courses is an ideal training solution for individual school teachers and learning support staff. This training course will show you how to recognise and treat a child suffering an allergic reaction and also covers the use of EpiPen’s and the different types auto injectors.

Anaphylaxis Awareness & EpiPen Training

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  • Definition of Anaphylactic shock
  • Signs and symptoms in children
  • Risks, causes & triggers and reactions in children
  • Diagnosis in children and early years
  • Emergency treatment for reactions in children and early years
  • Safe use of an adrenaline auto-injector (EpiPen, Jext and Emerade)
  • How to put a child into a recovery position.

Anaphylaxis and EpiPen training online for schools and the education environment, cpd certified course, anaphylaxis training course online for teachers, LSA’s, e-learning that can be completed at a time that is convenient to you.

Our online anaphylaxis training schools programme will help you understand the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction and show you how important it is to act quickly and safely.

It will also help teachers & support staff understand the treatment required and how Epi-Pens and auto injectors are identified and once used how to dispose of correctly.

This online anaphylaxis course & Epipen training online programme is an ideal training solution for individual school teachers, LSA’s and is ideal to be run along side your current school Anaphylactic policies and procedures.

We offer online anaphylaxis training for nurseries and also this school’s course. Both courses are available with CPD time credits and conducted through your own secure training area.

All of our Anaphylaxis training courses are available with free anaphylaxis training certification, which can be downloaded and printed on successful completion of your chosen course.

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  • CPD Certified Courses
  • Level 2 Certification
  • Print Your Certification
  • Course Fee £24.99

Anaphylaxis and EpiPen training course online for schools, teachers, click here to register and start your cpd certified programme

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