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Paediatric First Aid Training Course Online

CPD certified paediatric first aid training course for child minders, learn how to treat injuries

If you are working within the care of children, either as a childminder, or within a school environment, then you are required to hold a valid and up to date paediatric first aid certificate.

Our online first aid course is an ideal childcare first aid training solution for individual childminders, nannies, school teachers and support staff, or we can offer school and nursery set up for child care first aid training for group bookings.

Onsite paediatric first aid training is available to help you meet the 2 day, 12 hour first aid training requirements of Ofsted and SureStart and training can be fitted in with your working schedule, once the online elements of the programme have been completed.

To see the options available see our Onsite First Aid Training page for additional information.

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Paediatric Course Content and Registration

Part 1 click here to view

  • Planning for first aid emergencies
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Activating the emergency services and identifying the need to call the EMS
  • First Aid kits
  • Paediatric accident reporting, record keeping
  • Gloves, face shields, hand cleaning
  • Unconscious but breathing (Recovery Position)
  • Resuscitation procedures appropriate to the age of the child
  • Adult, Infant and Child CPR
  • Heart Attack
  • Drowning
  • Choking and choking becoming unconscious after choking

Part 2 click here to view

  • Recognising and Responding Appropriately to:
    • Spinal Injury
    • Shock
    • Basic Injury and illness assessment
    • Anaphylactic Shock
    • Serious bleeding and minor bleeding
    • Nose bleeds
    • Foreign objects in the body
    • Burns and scalds
    • Suspected fractures
    • Head, Neck and Back Injuries
    • Cases of poisoning
    • Foreign bodies in eyes and noses
    • Bites and stings

We can help you stay compliant with your Ofsted first aid training requirements by offering either onsite or online paediatric first aid training childminders, nurseries and schools courses for group bookings and training can be fitted in with your working schedule.

Learn first aid for children with our online course, ideal for mums and dads, grandparents, or anyone who would like to know how to treat infants or children when they become ill or injured.

Paediatric first aid training course online, cpd certified, meet Ofsted, SureStart requirements

Our online child care first aid course can also count towards meeting the 12 hour first aid requirements of Ofsted and SureStart for child minders and can be conducted as a blended programme.

This enables you to complete the 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate over one day, as you would have completed online learning, prior to attending your classroom session.

The classroom course will re-enforce your learning and cover all practical elements of our childcare learning programme.

  • CPD certified course
  • Video based programme
  • Over 6 hours of video
  • Print your certificate
  • All course materials downloadable
  • Part 1 of the 12 hour first aid certificate required by Ofsted
  • Course Fee: £24.95 + vat

Paediatric first aid training online, click here to register and start your cpd certified course

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