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Epilepsy Awareness Training Course Online For Schools, Childminders

We offer an online Epilepsy awareness training course programme, which will help you to understand this condition, as there are many different types of seizures. Statistics have shown that one in five people will have some form of seizure at some point throughout their life, but only some of these seizures will be caused by Epilepsy.

Our Epilepsy awareness online training is ideal for schools, teachers, childminders and nannies and will help you understand this neurological condition and how it affects the brain and the nervous system. This course will give you an overview of Epilepsy and will list different methods of diagnosis and what you can do if you witness someone having a seizure.

Training to be Epilepsy Aware

Get certified now and gain knowledge of this neurological condition

Course Content and Registration

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  • What is Epilepsy?
  • Many different types of seizure
  • What do do?
  • Keeping the person safe
  • Possible seizure triggers
  • The emergency services

Epilepsy awareness certification online training course, suitable for schools, childminders, nannies, school teachers.

This online Epilepsy awareness course is an ideal online learning platform for many working environments, especially schools, nurseries, play groups & crèche’s, or any education establishment who would like their staff to gain epilepsy training certification.

Our e-learning Epilepsy aware training programme is an ideal learning platform to be run along side your existing workplace policies and procedures and is a suitable programme for school teachers, childminders, nannies, LSA’s, (Learning Support Assistants) or anyone who would like to gain an Epilepsy e-learning course certification.

Conducted using video based instruction from within your own secure learning area you will be able to start your course at once by completing the simple registration process by clicking the “Begin Training” button.

Each free Epilepsy awareness training video can be paused or rewound so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content and structure as you progress through the e-learning programme.

Our course is also available with free Epilepsy awareness training certification, which can be printed on successful completion of the course.

  • Video Based Programme
  • Over 30 Minutes Of Training Video
  • Print Your Certification
  • Course Fee £25 + vat

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Contact us and Additional Information

For additional information regarding our online Epilepsy training course certification please contact us through our contact us page.