Paediatric First Aid Training Online Course

Working as a child minder, or within the care of children there is a requirement for you to hold valid and up to date 12 hour paediatric first aid certification, which meets the requirements of Ofsted and SureStart. Our online paediatric first aid training course will help you meet these requirements, as our programme can also be used as a “blended option“, so you need only attend one day within the classroom environment.

We offer online first aid paediatric certification for schools, nurseries and childminders and combined with our classroom course we can help you stay compliant with your Ofsted and SureStart requirements and meet your 12 hour childminder first aid course conditions.

We also offer many additional online training courses that are conducted using video based instruction and are an ideal learning platform and training solution for schools & child care nurseries. Courses include positive handling, safeguarding children, stress awareness, epilepsy awareness, food allergy & intolerance and much more.

Popular Course Programmes

Any of our online training courses can be completed as an individual childminder, or teacher, but we can also set you with a training dashboard for your school or nursery. An administrator would have full control of who they would like to complete training, monitor progress and assign course credits accordingly.

Onsite Programmes Available For Groups

Onsite paediatric fire aid training for schools, nurseries, play groups is also available throughout Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, London, Norfolk and UK wide. We can also fit this programme in to suit your working schedule, which can also include weekend 12 hour first aid courses for childminders. Please click this onsite training link for additional information regarding the onsite programme we have available.

For any additional information that you may require regarding our onsite, or online courses for childminders, nurseries and schools please contact us through our contact us page.

Complete a paediatric first aid training course online, onsite available, suitable for childminders, schools, nurseries.