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Risk Assessment Training Online, Suitable for Childminders, School’s, Nurseries

We offer an online risk assessment training programme, because there is a requirement for certain people working within the care of children to hold valid and up to date risk assessment training certification and therefore our introduction to workplace risk assessment will help you stay compliant with your course requirements.

Our online risk assessment course programme is an ideal training solution for school’s, nurseries, childminders, school caretakers, teachers, nursery staff, childcare assistants, or anyone who is required to hold valid and up to date workplace risk assessment training certification.

Workplace Risk Assessment Training & Certification

Get certified now with our approved online programme

Course Content and Registration

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  • How to complete a workplace risk assessment
  • The basics of workplace risk assessment
  • Workplace legislation, regulation and civil law
  • Assessment strategy, options and elements
  • Identifying workplace hazards, & who might be harmed
  • Evaluating the risks and the practicalities
  • Recording and reviewing
  • Employees and their responsibilities
  • Management and their responsibilities

Our course offers you an introduction to workplace risk assessment and by using our e-learning course platform you will be able to complete your risk assessment training at a time that is convenient to you.

This online risk assessment training schools programme can be completed over a number of days and your workplace risk assessment course certification can be printed on successful completion.

We also offer a company administration panel so that an administrator can buy course credits, assign each course and monitor progress accordingly.

IIRSM approved workplace risk assessment and health & safety online training course, suitable for child minders, school’s, caretakers, nurseries & nursery staff, training for individuals and companies, video based learning at a time convenient to you.

Risk assessment awareness training is important, because within a school, nursery or childcare environment this has to be kept clean and tidy and free from risks and dangers, not only for staff members, but also for the safety and well-being of all children.

Our online risk assessment course programme is an ideal learning solution for school teachers, childminders, school caretakers, nursery staff, childcare workers, or anyone who would like to gain an introduction to workplace risk assessment training certification.

This e-learning course programme will help you understand workplace risks, current legislation involved, identify hazards, analyse risks and much more.

  • IIRSM Approved
  • Video Based Training Programme
  • Over 90 Minutes of Course Video
  • Print Your Certification
  • Course Fee £25 + vat

Risk assessment training online, ideal for childminders, schools, childcare, click here to register and start your programme

This course is an ideal learning platform for school teachers and care takers, childminders, nursery and play group staff, mother and toddler group staff, or anyone who would like to gain current and up to date certification.

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For any additional information that you may require, either for this risk assessment course programme, our health and safety courses, or any of the additional e-learning programmes that we offer please contact us through our contact us page.