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Allergen Awareness Training, Food Allergy Course Online For Schools, Childminders

Many children now suffer some form of food intolerance and allergies and knowing what to do in an emergency situation is very important. Our online food allergy awareness course will help you understand from the basics of food intolerance, to practical steps that can be taken to combat these and also the law regarding food intolerance.

Our food allergen & allergy awareness course is CPD certified and is conducted using video based instruction and our food allergen training for food handlers certification is an ideal training solution for schools, individual childminders, school teachers, nannies, nursery staff, as it will show how to reduce the risks from allergens and also what steps can be taken within your working environment, both internally and externally.

Food Allergen Awareness Training

Get certified now with our CPD certified programme and understand Food Intolerance

Course Content and Registration

Course content click here to view

  • The Basics of Food Intolerance
  • Food intolerance: Causes and Symptoms
  • Allergies: Causes and Symptoms
  • The Facts
  • Food Intolerance and the Law
  • Practical Steps that can be taken
  • Consumer Information Regarding Food Intolerance
  • Internal Monitoring and Reviews
  • External Monitoring and Reviews

Food allergy awareness online training course, suitable for schools, childminders, nannies, kitchen staff, e-learning food allergen programme.

Our online food allergy training programme is an ideal learning platform to be run along side your existing workplace policies and procedures and is a suitable training programme for school kitchen staff, nursery staff, childminders, school teachers, LSA’s or anyone who would like to gain food allergen training certification.

Once you have completed the simple registration process by clicking the “Begin Training” button you will be able to start your course at once.

This course is available with free food allergy awareness training videos, which can be paused or rewound as you progress through the training and also free allergen training for food handlers certification, which can be downloaded and printed on successful completion of the course.

  • Video Based Training Programme
  • Over 100 Minutes Of Training Video
  • Print Your Certification
  • Course Fee £25 + vat

Food allergen awareness course, click here to register and start your online training

We are also able to offer online food hygiene training certification, which is also an ideal learning solution for childminders, school catering staff, or anyone who works with food and would like to gain current and up to date certification. For additional information and to start training follow this link to our online food hygiene training page.

Contact us and Additional Information

For additional information regarding our online allergen awareness and food intolerance training course please contact us through our contact us page.