Onsite Paediatric Training London, First Aid Course For Childminders

First Aid Training for child minders is important and a legal requirement for people working within the care of children, as you are required to hold valid and up to date 12 hour paediatric first aid certification, which meets the requirements of Ofsted and SureStart.

We can help your London based nursery or school stay first aid and Ofsted compliant with your 12 hour first aid training course requirements by offering an onsite paediatric training London first aid course for schools, nurseries, mother and toddler groups, which holds a level 3 child care first aid certification.

How Does The Blended Soultion Work?

  • Video Based First Aid Learning
  • Company Dashboard Set Up
  • Monitor Staff Progress
  • Print First Aid Certification
  • Cut Down Classroom Time

We offer a 6 hour online paediatric first aid training programme, then complete a 6 hours classroom course to complete all practical elements of paediatric first aid.

The online element of the paediatric online first aid training course must be completed prior to attending the classroom course, which then just leaves 6 hours within the classroom to acheive your 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate. Any additional information you require can be found on our blended option training page.

Stay compliant & meet your paediatric first aid course requirements

Book training at a time convenient to you

If you prefer to complete the classroom based two day paediatric first aid training in London option, this is also available, both programmes meet the 12 hour paediatric first aid training requirements of Ofsted for child minders.

Our onsite paediatric first aid training London course can be fitted in with your working schedule for group, school, nursery and childminder bookings and this 12 hour first aid for child minders course is level 3 certified is ideal for schools, nurseries, play groups.

This onsite paediatric training course is offered throughout London, including Romford, Dagenham, Ilford, Enfield, Harringay, Barking, Richmond, Croydon, Hounslow, Harrow, Woodford, Stratford and all of the surrounding areas and training can be fitted in with your working schedule, including weekend courses.

Paediatric first aid training onsite for child minders throughout London, course to meet Ofsted requirements, suitable for schools, nurseries, childminders.

Available Online Course Programmes

Not only can we offer London based schools and nurseries onsite courses, we can offer nurseries and schools, or individual childminders the ability to conduct online training, which will help you stay compliant with your paediatric course requirements and our courses are either CPD Certified, or Approved by RoSPA. You can register for your required online training course by clicking any of the pictures below, this will take you to the simple registration page.

For any additional information regarding the online training courses that we offer, or you are interested in completing please click the text links below, or select from the menu above, which will guide you to your chosen course page.

To discuss your onsite 12 hour paediatric first aid training requirements throughout London for your school or nursery, or any of the additional online training programmes we have available please contact us through our contact us page.