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ADHD Training Course

ADHD awareness training online course

CPD Certified ADHD Awareness Training, Approved E-Learning Course

We offer an online ADHD awareness training programme that is an ideal learning platform for school teachers, childminders, nannies, head teachers or parents, or anyone who would like to gain current and up to date ADHD awareness training certification.

Our e-learning course has many sections and covers the definitions of ADHD, the different types and how to recognise some key signs and symptoms. The course will also look at some of the possible causes of ADHD and how it is diagnosed and treated.

This online ADHD course also includes environmental changes and the different types of therapy and medication that can be prescribed.

Our course is an ideal training solution for school teachers & childminders and concludes with some advice for people living with or caring for those with ADHD, including some practical advice for supporting children, teenagers and adults with the condition.

Additional Training Courses Available

We offer many additional online training courses that are suitable for childminders, nannies & school teachers, or parents, or anyone who works within the care of children and would like to gain up to date training certification.

Course bundles are also available to help you save money through training. Click any of the images below to be taken to the course page where you will find additional information relating to the course and you will also be able to register and start your training.

For any additional information regarding any of the online training courses that we offer please contact us through our contact us page.